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John DeTitta is a musician in the world of the creative arts. John DeTitta is an accomplished piano player with a great talent for improvisation and has written songs for Grammy-winning singers.

He has seen what difficulties and hurdles the creative community has when it comes to expressing their passion and talents.

John DeTitta has also been involved with business development, sales, marketing and film production for the last 30 years and during this time he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, entertainment companies and some of the best known film producers in the industry. John DeTitta has had articles published in various worldwide organizations including the NY Times, Wall St Journal, Nikkei Stock Exchange, Variety and many more.

If you can’t fail, you can’t succeed.

Over the years John DeTitta has taken products ranging from cardboard chairs to food products and built huge marketing and sales campaigns that, within months, built major companies.  He has seen all phases of success as well as learning experiences.

This passion for music, business and life has fueled his desire to create the best music he possible can as well as help those who have creativity in their veins.

If you can’t fail and move on, then you will never grow as a person and become what you have been made to become. This is not an easy premise to accept or explain, it’s just how it is. It is an unbelievable feeling to overcome an obstacle and look back and see where you were prior to overcoming it and realizing that is your willpower and strength that got you there. Believe me, people will try to pull you down along the way- it’s those who stand strong who will succeed in the end. You can’t live for anyone but yourself and the values that matter to you like family, true friends and faith.

Thanks so much for reading through this page dedicated to sharing John DeTitta’s passion for music and the powerful traits that it develops. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to John on any of his other pages or profiles online, have a great day.