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The new Elton John biopic being made will clearly be a huge film production that will take over theaters everywhere. Lee Hall is writing the movie in which the plot line follow Elton John’s journey from birth to rehab. The film specifically will focus on his experience with drug addiction during the 90s and how he came back from it to change his life. ┬áLee Hall has been working on it with Elton John for a number of years when Lee Hall visited Elton John’s home and was allowed to read through his diaries from his time in rehab.

Tom Hardy will take on the lead role of Elton John in Rocketman, but sources are not here whether or not he will lend his vocals to the film. To get into character and to really become Elton John, Tom Hardy has claimed to have worn Elton’s clothes. The director, Lee, was surprised and pleased by how open Elton John was as far as working with them on the script.

To learn more about the upcoming film and the casting, check out the video below: