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Yeah Yeah YeahsThere’s been some criticism toward the Yeah Yeah Yeahs based on some of their new ‘rules’ for attending their concerts.  The act decided to post the rules at their most recent show at Webster Hall in New York City that asked (very bluntly) for concert goers to put away their smartphones.  They claimed that they did it to make the concert experience better for everyone, saying that it’s silly for people who pay for tickets to be forced to watch the show through the tiny screen of a smartphone because the person in front of them is blocking their view (you can read more about the strategy here).

Personally I think this is a pretty good strategy- I hate it when I go to a show and the person in front of me is blocking my view with their iPhone or other recording device.  I don’t think the Yeah Yeah Yeahs did anything to the people that might have broken the rule, but knowing that there could be repercussions was probably enough to make most people think twice before they whip out their mobile device.

“At a headlining show on Sunday night at New York’s Webster Hall, the band took issue with iPhones and their ilk. According to Spin, the band posted some rather blunt advice for fans attending the show with a sign above the venues door, that read in part: PLEASE DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW THROUGH A SCREEN ON YOUR SMART DEVICE/CAMERA.”

What do you think of the band’s decision to call out smart phone users?  Please let me know in the comments section below by going to any of my other profiles online and letting me know.  And as always, if you see any other bands who have made the decision to ban smartphones please let me know as well, I would love to hear about it!  Have a great day,

-John DeTitta